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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
and here we go.. so many times the needs of a single individual start to modify the plans for 100.
I'm all for everyone having the same weight BBs, but the fact is that some guns are picky about what brands of BBs work well with them. I don't think I'm alone here at all. A lot of PTW owners won't feed anything but Bastards into their guns because other brands give them issues. And if it was just me, then I'd simply choose not to play the event than change the rules for everyone else. VA / KSC work in my MP5 fine, and most of my pistols, but they jam in the mag and barrel of my KSC Glock constantly, and they jam and break in my Type 56, P90 (both in the mag and barrels), and CA M15 (in the barrel). I know to avoid those BBs and if that's all that's available for me to use, then I simply won't paricipate in the game.

I'm just bringing up a potential pitfall with this idea if BBs are supplied as part of the cost of the game as you suggested. I think in terms of the game, it's a fantastic idea. But because of the requirements of some picky guns, a lot of players may also choose to not attend if only a particular brand they know give them issues are being offered. There's not much sense joining in a game if the players already know they'll constantly back at the staging area picking their gear apart to clear jammed and broken BBs.

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