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Originally Posted by BlackRain View Post
Very interesting... I like the idea of having ammo as a commodity, the supply lines was something that I was working into the game but with limited ammo it really can make things interesting. Having a vendor on site with BB's would make the ammo supply easy enough to handle for the game for each side. Now would packaging BB's into 500 rnd bags that could be passed out on the field from the supply guys be a feasible way to simulate ammo crates in which players could do field reloads?
NO .. not BBs offered for sale... BBs supplied and controled completly by game control.

Buy a whack of ammo cans ( ro maybe a friendly surplus supplier will donate them) ( which hold 500 rounds of real bullets ) and bag the bbs in bags of 500. Every can has to be moved from the rear area to the front.. and if ammo is to be stolen the can must be taken. You could even weight the cans to make the bearing of them more realistic
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