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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
The only problem I can see with supplying the ammo at the field is some people are really picky about what ammo goes into their guns. People know their guns and know that certain brands of BBs won't work well with their gear. In my case, unless it's BB Bastard or Metal Tech, I now refuse to use them in my guns. If those 2 choices aren't available, I won't play. No offense intended because I know you're a reseller of VA / KSC BBs, BlackRain, but every time I use those things, I'm stuck taking my guns and / or mags apart to pick smashed or jammed BBs out of them, and as a result, I refuse to use them. And others feel the same about these or other brands of BBs. So supplying with a single brand might be an issue with some players.

and here we go.. so many times the needs of a single individual start to modify the plans for 100.

It's simple.. if you don't want to comply with the conditions set for the game DON'T GO ... don't try to change them to suit you.

it is impossible to satisfy everyone..

for BBs you supply 1 weight . 25 for everyone .. that way everyone is on a even playing field... sure .. maybe your gun runs better on .28 and that is what I really like to run with..

Maybe your finely tuned sniper rifle will only feed .32 g depleted irridium discarding sabot guided bbs ... but in this theater of operation... WE DON'T HAVE THOSE

I think no one would whine if a diet of bastard BBs were offered.. ( well except VA.. maybe )
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