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Game Taskings

You might consider these:

1) Recce Ptl to insert LP/OP - Have an En Obj that needs to have STA performed on it, in support of an Fighting Raid Patrol. The Team in question gets points for staying in posn for a required period of time, collecting specific information, extracting and returning to the CP for debrief

2) Fighting Ptl - RAID on En Obj from number 1

3) Close Protection Patrol - A distinguished person (NPC) need protection from the En. Have Ptl escort DP from one location to another location. Tasking ends after DP has remained unharmed in posn two for one hour

4) Snatch Ptl - An En DP has been located. A Fighting Ptl needs to go out and lift the En DP

When I come up with more, I will let you know.

Juctim Omnimodo

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