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I personally don't like real caps. AEGs tend to have a higher rate of fire than the real firearms, expending ammo faster. Plus with most mags, you lose 4-5 BBs every time you reload, so in reality, you can only realistically use 25 rounds of a 30 round real cap.

50-75 round low caps are a nice alternative. They allow for a bit more shooting before reload, take into account the higher rof of AEGs, but are low enough capacity to discourage excessive spraying. For most Armalites, lowcaps are 68 rounds, so realistically, the player had about 63 rounds available.

I've often seen game rules for milsim that ban high cap (except in dedicated support weapons), limit the number of midcaps, but allow unlimited real / low cap mags, and bans reloading of mags on the field. To me, that makes perfect sense. It encourages ammo conservation and trigger control.

And I agree with Brian here as well. To have players be able to carry limited ammo and have the ammo as a commodity in the game could make it very interesting and provide a concrete game objective that a team can benefit from.

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