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Ignore protests about ammo restrictions.. make the game limited on Ammo

If you are looking at a safe rear area into a hot forward area make all ammo have to pass from the rear to the front and players have to resupply by either waiting for resupply from the rear or withdrawing to the rear to resupply.

Allow NO loose ammo to be carried , everything in Mags -- NO highcaps allowed

The game control should supply ALL ammo and build the costs into the game fee.

Just keeping the ammo flowing then becomes a significant game objective , defense of supply lines would have to be maintained.

Allow teams to cache ammo in forward areas ... so that their forward base becomes a valuable target to both attack and defend.

Make one of the objectives the gathering of intel about the enemy .. building up information about location, numbers and other details .. pay off the accuracy of this information with AMMO bonuses

It is possible to make the whole game about gettin ammo and stopping the enemy from getting ammo.

Another resource to limit is "respawns" respawns represent reinforcements.

Make respawns a Commodity that is also limited and capturable

All battle is about resources .. bodies and Bullets .. if you make both of them in short supply .. you will create an inducement to fight.

Most playes could care less about points scored.. but they do care about having enough BBs to shoot and lives to do it with.

Controling these two commodities will reward skill and co-ordination.. people too fearfull to risk life will enventually run out of ammo, People to careless with their lives will run out of respawns.

Make the game about the things that people care about and you will have a good game.

Also .. make people responsible... some people will complain if they are running out of ammo .. and say things like the Game sucks because I have to be carefull about how much I shoot.. Others will complain about having to cool their heals in a rear area because their team ran out or re-spawns...

If you want to keep shooting and keep alive you have to THINK about the use of resources .. and you will need intel about the enemy so you can decide when and wehre to spend them and when to reserve them.. The game then becomes less tactical and more stratigic. Now you are adding psychological stress .. now you have a MILSIM
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