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Anything works really. I would probably go grab a set of Woodland and Desert Tri Colour, Boonies and boots to match, and your set. Wear what works for you and what you think is comfortable. As for guns, a JG G36C would probably cost you around 300-350 CDN, yeah it sucks in Canada. I would recommend probably ordering online from retailers like redwolfairsoft,, and have items delvierd to your US address and then bring them to Canada. You would save on duties and taxes by a long shot, or just go to a local place. For a reference of pricing, I would click on the sponsor adds at the top to get an idea of what the availability of items are here. Expect to pay double if not triple the prices you see in the US once in Canada.

Buy all your gear in the US. The surpluses down there don't even compare to ours in terms of equipment availability. Check out the Themed airsoft section for ideas on kit. There is a really good Navy Seals and Canadian Section.

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