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Coming from Florida to Toronto.

Hi guys,

So this is my first post after HOURS and HOURS of reading....I have a few quick questions to ask.

I am from Mississauga but I have spent the past 6 months in Florida, and I will be here for another 4 weeks before coming back. I was introduced to airsoft here and play once or twice a week and I am interested in playing once I return.

Even though I am 28 there is no way for me to become age verified from here in Florida....(Unless one of you is coming down to the Tampa area, in which case PM me!)

So here are a few things I am wondering if you could help me it would be great....

What SHOULD I buy while I am here? I have no idea what stuff costs in Canada, but I hear it is much more expensive...even with the exchange rate...I checked online, places like craigslist dont have much, and I cant view the classifieds on here because I am not AV.

I have been using my friends JG G36C and MB05 Sniper...Both are great guns...How much would something like that cost in the Toronto area? I know I cant bring the guns back, but if they are affordable I would like to get accessories/vest/etc now if there is a big difference in price...

Also what type of gear do people wear in the GTA for games? It seems like people everywhere have different stuff. I do not want to look out of place, but with all the surplus stores here I cant imagine it being cheaper in Canada.

Basically I just want to know...for someone starting out, who has nothing really...What should I buy from the USA while I am here before I drive back? And what is better off bought in Canada.

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