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Originally Posted by FOX_111 View Post
2- One of my teamate got his heardrum busted by a grenade outdoor. Other people I know got hurt by the loud bang of grenade that exploded close to them outside and inside.

3- When piro grenade where fairly new and growing in popularity, there was not really rules into place. We only got fragged and dealed with varius type of explosives. It was a problem because people could put anything they want into the grenade and people where bitching about the loud bang and where genuinly scared.

This is my doctrine about grenades.

Grenade are used to dislodge ennemies from a position. Doing so by either killing them, by forcing them to move or by forcing them to take action to protect themself that will allow you to move on them.

Once in range for grenade use, calling a grenade out tell your team to get ready to assault and stand by for the blast. It also tell the ennemy to stand by for the blast and protect themself by covering their ears or moving. When they cover their ears, they are not fighting anymore, allowing you to move on them.

So, my ideology for airsoft is, if you call a grenade, it's to end a stale mate and regain some innitiative or momemtum in your attack. For safety reason, grenades should always be called and it will not diminish their efficiency as a "weapon".

Firecrakers might not be very loud outside, but inside, with reverberation and overpressure, they are loud and could still be dangerous. They should be called all the time. So, if we play outside with building, trowing one in a building would require an automatic and mandatory call for safety reason. Still, trowing one outside should require a call also, so the ennemy know a grenade is inbound and if it land in his face, he will expect and and take actions to protect himself.
I totally agree. I also believe that a major issue with home made grenades are the fact that there is no measure of strength and it quickly become an arms race. Bigger, bigger , louder until it gets ridiculously loud (dangerous).
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