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True 24 hr green game Input Needed

Hello Everyone,
I have been working on putting together a true 24hr green milisim scenario game for awhile now and would like some input from players that would attend such an event. I have been incorporating various aspects to the game such as supply lines, supply drops, demolitions missions, recon etc. and would like to know what other aspects folks would like to see put into a scenario of this type. Before we get started I will give a bit of the scenario layout to help get some input in the direction I am looking for. The scenario will incorporate 2 main staging areas for both sides in which participants will be camping in, there will be a forward command area for both sides and players will be required to sleep and eat on the field during the game. There will be no official breaks and the scenario will run the full 24 hrs, command communications will be given via radio to each teams commander who will also be responsible for organizing their teams to accomplish the objectives.

Now to be clear I am not looking for wild hopes and dreams kind of things but stuff that will truly make the scenario pop so to speak and enjoyable for everyone. Please keep your suggestions realistic and feasible. I thank you for your input in advance and look forward to hearing some great ideas.

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