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Originally Posted by a.o.d. View Post
I dont even have a gun yet, but am thinking of getting this

just for fun to shoot at some cans and such then buy some thing better.
I am assuming that will cut it for some backyard fun but what im really looking for is a g36 the more metal the better not really worried about a price aslong as I get what I pay for. any one know where I can find a good G36 or a P90?
There are tons of reported problems with the TF7. For every one person that's said it works great, I can find 5 that have issues with it. I'd stay away from it.

As for the G36, you have several options:
Classic Army
Tokyo Marui

IMO the Classic Army one is the best. It will run you around $600. The JG one isn't bad, but the externals especially are not as good as the CA. It will run you around $350.

For the P90, the only ones worth owning are the TM and JG ones. They're about $600 and $350 respectively. CA makes one but I haven't heard good things about it.

Keep in mind that both the G36 and P90 are not metal (the real ones are composite), so neither airsoft gun is metal. The Classic Army G36 is fiber reinforced nylon instead of ABS, which is really nice.

The only way you're going to get either in Canada is to meet with an age verifier representative, show them ID that you're 18+, and you'll get access to the ASC classifieds here.

Originally Posted by FlyingCats View Post
DUDE hes asking whats a good gun not asking where. answer his question
DUDE, Brit ter told him where he can get a P90 or G36. He answered the OP's question more than you did.

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