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First Airsoft Gun: AfterMath Broxa or Kraken?

Hello all, thanks for taking the time to read my post,
I currently play Airsoft with my friends in one if theirs backyard forest, I am playing with a junky Walmart shotgun and a C02 pistol I got from (which was hard enough to get, I had to send the gun back twice), my friend has the AfterMath Kraken, and it seems like a very good gun for the 230$ he spend on it (I see he bought it for alot more then other sites sell it), and I was thinking I would mabye buy the AfterMath Broxa, so I can compete with him and not just get owned. After doing some searching around, I found some reviews on both gun and found some pros and cons to them both and was hoping I could get some advise from Airsoft Canada people.


AfterMath Broxa: 200$,

AfterMath Kraken: 180$,

I was going to be buying from the because I live in Orangeville, Ontario, and I heard their store was in Toronto.

I was more leaning towards the Broxa because my friend already had the Kraken, and I was wanting to get a different gun them him, but I dont mind if the Kraken is alot better then the Broxa, but I had also heard the the Broxa has a awful magazine the comes with it out of the box and that it jams easily or can only fire 10 rounds before you have to wind it again.

If anyone has had any experience with either or both of the guns and has a good opinion on which one would be better for a beginner Airsofter who only plays in a forest, your help is appreciated.
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