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I can agree, but buying here is different than buying in a store.

When someone commit to buying your shit, you say no to other people and you package the item in a box and wrap it all good so Canada Post won't break it. If you are like me, you make sure you will have the time to go to the post office in the next 24h during open houres, that mean doing some sacrifices.

If the persone back down after committing to buying, that mean I lost time and energy. And possibly money. Especially if I don't have a new buyer and the item comtinue to depreciate in value.

So, IMO, flakers deserve negative, or at the very least, neutral feedbacks.
If I'm not sure about an Item, I don't commit to buying and I simply ask questions or ask if the seller can hold it for me until I'm ready. I don't consider myself as a Wall-Mart, nor do I consider other sellers as wall-marts.

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