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For me as seller, I never leave any negative feedback to my buyer even they decide to take and no cash on time, cancel the deal or shit happen, we never know about that.

I just never left one negative feedback to them. It's simple as that, once you are doing good to buyer then it's just a matter of time, they will come back to you.

It's not hard to just move to another buyer, just hit the reply button and sent the PM, that's all you need plus keep in mind that once you hold for a guy and other PM coming through asking you to buy item, just don't ignore it, told them that item has been SPF or whatever reason and also told them if previous buyer flake then I will move to you. That's just it.

It's mostly reason that I deserved 55 Positive trader rating, a few of them never done the deal with me. I always good to them and answer all questions even they decide not to take the deal. Again, it's just simple like that.

It's like Canadian Tire, you buy shit and just realize that you need cash for another reason then you return item, CT don't leave negative feedback, they happy to take it and refund. It's like buyer item on here as well, you decide to buy then you realized your wife or girlfriend need new clothes then you tell buyer , you want to cancel the deal. It's plain and simple to understand. Just cancel the deal and move to next buyer.


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