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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
The formula is simple.

Say you have a 1200mah battery, and a charger that puts out 300mah, it would take about 4 hours to charge that 1200 mah battery. 1200 divided by 300.So in your case you if you had 1600mah battery and a 900mah charger, it would take 1.7 hours to charge the battery.
To expand on this, it is generally accepted that recharable batteries recive a 10-20% overcharge to make sure they are full. so in the case of the 1600mAh battery on a 900mAh charger the forumula would work out to be the following (I am using a 15% overcharge)

(1600X1.15)/900 = 2.04 hours, or 2 hours and 2 mins (2 hours would do fine :P)

Originally Posted by Hitman View Post
which charger works well with intellect batteries? And does the gun consume battery when it's on safe mode?
I cannot answer your question about the charger, but unless your weapon has some electronics that run the whole time off of the better, it will not consume any power unless you are shooting. The wireing of AEGs is really simple. think of it like a light in your home, when you turn it on it uses power, when you turn it off it does not use power.
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