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Charging batteries

So i'm pretty new to electric guns, as i've been using Gas guns for a while.. after doing some research and asking around, I decided to buy a G&P Enforcer.

The gun looks real sexy, but just one problem, it didn't come with any means of instructions. I asked the guy at the shop which battery & charger i should use, so he sold me a 8.4 volt, 1600mAh, Intellect battery ('brick' type), with a 900 mA charger. Apparently the light on the charger is red when it is charging and it turns green when it's done. I charged the battery overnight and when i woke up and checked it, the light wasn't green. Anway, i unplugged the battery and put it in the gun. And fired a few test rounds, fired perfectly. So i left the battery in the gun with the gun on safe mode for a couple hours, then when i tried firing it again (with the battery that i used previously still inside) it wouldn't fire.. so my friend sold me another battery of the exact same type because i thought i had messed this one up. so that one's been charging since this morning (11:30) to now (9:50) and the light still hasn't gone green... And the battery is pretty hot... So I'm not exactly sure what my next step is from here... Some guidance?
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