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Originally Posted by LUTNIT View Post
I have had people threaten to leave me negative feedback for flaking when all I asked for was a shipping estimate and then said no thank you. It can get ridiculous.
If you're still in the process of obtaining a final price (including shipping), then it wouldn't be flaking. Flaking is finalizing a deal and not following through with payment.

But there's no grounds for neg feedback if you don't like the shipping cost.

As for the rules on Banana'ing:

1. Do not replace the price with "SOLD" or "--SOLD---" etc. Instead;
2. Edit your original post to include the word "banana" (without the quotes). This will enable mods to clear sold posts quicker by doing an automated search instead of sorting through each thread individually.
The original post should be edited, rather than Banana-bumping (although we haven't really cracked down on banana bumps)

Prices and post content should be left intact. Many many people still delete the post and replace it with "SOLD" or edit out the price to "$SPF" or "$SOLD" or something similar. This, too, has not been strictly enforced.
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