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Originally Posted by Danneichh View Post
Thank you, sir. I've heard though that using a 9.6V in a gun designed for an 8.4V can wear out the gearbox rather quickly. I don't currently have the cash to upgrade, and the weapon i'm buying is stock.
hmm ! 8.4 V and 9.4 V is not much different. I put almost 10 k on my VFC SCAR-L as well and plus it's plastic bushing, right now it's still fire like dream.

you CA SCAR-L is metal busing and their internal are very good so it should be able to handle 9.6 V. I used 11.1 Lipo battery in my CA MP5A3, I won't bother to go back yet to 9.6 V plus 9.6 won't be able to move my motor, no even a click since those gun are heavy upgrade.

It's just my 0.2 cent. It's all up to you.

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