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I used my TF 11 today as my sidearm at Op Broadsword in Picton, Ontario at the mental hospital that will be hosting Border Wars III. It was my first time gaming the gun. Since it was cold, propane-powered GBBs didn't fare too well until later in the day when temperatures warmed up significantly. So a CO2 powered side arm was the ideal choice.

This gun is a BEAST for CQB. I drew it twice during the day and it got me 4 of my 22 kills. At ranges of 30-ish feet, the gun is pretty impressive considering its modest cost. It throws a lot of BBs down range in a hurry, and shoots pretty accurately. The fixed hopup is set for .2g and I only had .25s with me, so my BBs were dropping a bit faster than they should have been - at about 40 feet or so. But despite that, all the engagements with the gun were at 15-20 feet, so it wasn't an issue at all.

So again, I highly recommend this gun for CQB. Loaded with .2s and providing you have enough spare mags, it can easily be used as a primary.

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