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I'd say get the most practical things first.

Do you like hiking and camping? Well some good hiking boots will do you well. That should be first on your list. I guess I'm kind of biased because I like to take good care of my feet. I mean they do move you around all day, and you are pretty much standing on them all day too.

While you're at it get some superfeet inserts. I have the blue ones because I switch them out between my runners, and hiking boots. There's also the Green and Orange, one of them from what the sales guy told me was "fuller" for large volume shoes like hikers or snowboard boots.

You should also take a look at some of the stuff you'll have underneath your combat clothing. I have polypropylene (polypro) basewear from MEC, a tight fitting short and long sleeved shirt, long johns, and poly socks.

If you ever do garden work you can probably adapt the gloves you'll be using out there to garden work. Not sure about this one, haven't actually tried using my work gloves for airsoft. Try to get low profile gloves that, well fit like a glove you don't want any excess fabric around your finger for when you're pulling the trigger.

I guess after those few things you'd be good to go for the other gear such as combat clothing, face mask, etc.

One last thing, don't cheap out on safety, a $30 paintball mask is fine but $5 dentist glasses aren't. They will probably shatter and go into your eye and you'll be even blinder from the shrapnel.

As for what pattern you should get. Take a look at your paintball field is it a lot of prairie grasses? heavily wooded? treed? sandy? etc. Multicam works well for the prairie regions. CADPAT works in places like the Vancouver coast. Marpat works in treed areas with a lot of exposed trunks (because of the "lighter greyish" colours included).
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