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There's no rule against leaving negative feedback for flakers, and sales shouldn't devolve into bidding wars, that's why we have a rule that all sales must include a clearly set price or specific item(s) wanted in trade.

If someone commits to buying or trading (i.e., a transaction is agreed upon, payment/exchange info is exchanged, and item becomes SPF), then I think if the buyer backs out without a good reason it's valid grounds for some form of trade comment.

Actual sales are potentially lost while you wait around for a week for payment that will never come.

And if it was an exchange you're going into scam territory (sending your item off to someone who now suddenly isn't sending anything in return).

Originally Posted by Swatt Six-Four View Post
also I feel if there hasn't been a bump in several months the Seller should have the post removed in favor a seller who is actively trying to move their product or item. Tired of pm'ing and getting the"sry dude I sold that a long time ago" Just my two cents
That's more of a problem of people not bothering to mark their items as sold.

Old sales posts do get deleted after a while (or are supposed to anyway), and there's no rule that posts have to get bumped (they come up in searches even if they're buried). I have some active sales that haven't been bumped in a while.

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