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You'll end up spending $1,000 once you have your kit.. whether you do it all at once or piece by peace. Airsoft, compared to paintball, has a higher startup cost but is significantly cheaper to play ($10 for 2,000 rounds, pennies to charge a battery). The thing you have to consider with a gun like the Kraken or any other clone, is the chances that it's going to break down and cost to repair. Most people will tell you it's still cheaper to buy a clone, but that assumes you know how to fix it if/when it does break.

I personally think clones are overrated. Yea, they allow people who don't want to spend a lot of money to get into the sport... but I've compared numerous clones to their TM and CA equivalents... and they have always been found wanting. Personally, I still recommend to newbies that they start with a Classic Army or something. I started with a Classic Army G36 and have never regretted it. Though to be perfectly honest, the best "clone" available at the time was the CYMA 0.27 (essentially the Aftermath Lycon) which wasn't a great gun. JG has come a long way, but I still think they're a far cry from CA/TM/G&P/ICS.

But anyway, to start, here's a cost breakdown on top of the gun itself. Things with an astriks * are pretty essential.

*good battery charger: $35+
*good batteries: $25-$35+ each
*BBs: $15 for 2,000 .25s or .28's.
Additional magazines: $15-25 each, depending on what you want.
BDU's: $60-$120
good Vest (never get a shitty vest): $100-$200+, depending on used or new and where you find it
good boots: $100
additional shit I forgot: $10-$200+

So you see, if $160 is your entire budget... it's not going to go very far.

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