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The thing about airsoft in Canada is you will pretty much find nothing of quality for sale in anyform of walk in store. Due to how Canadian law works in regards to airsoft, airsoft guns are extremely hard to come by. However there are a few retailers in Canada that are specially licenced to bring them. To find out who they are, you will require this websites age verifacation process. Where if you are 18 years of age or older you can contact and meet with a representative of this website in person who will validate your indentifacation. Once this is complete your user profile will be updated to Age Verified and you will be granted access to our retailer section, where you can find information in regards to what is availble and from whom. Along with the retailing section, another section becomes available, the buy and sell section. This section is resevered for Age verified users of the website to list and sell their own airsoft guns privately, no retailing allowed.

Refering once again to the state of airsoft in Canada, you will have to understand that pricing is not the same as it is around the rest of the world. Due to the nature of airsoft the unique circumstances it falls under, only a handful of people have the ability to order and bring in airsoft guns. Due to this unfortunet situation there is a large mark up on airsoft guns, once you factor in the base price, currencey exchange, shipping, freight, admin fees, customs fees, licence fees and of course profit, you can expect your average $100.00-$150 USD airsoft gun to appear be resold in Canada for anywhere from 3-500 Canadian. This is the unfortunate fact about airsoft in Canada right now. For your budget of $30.00 do not expect to get much if anything at all in Canada, for 30.00USD anywhere else that barely purchases the lowest quality airsoft gun, if even.

In regards to backyard shooting, do so at your own risk. The majority of ASC keep to the idea that it is best to treat an airsoft gun like a real firearm, transported properly, stored properly out of the public eye, handled properly and safely. Its not recommended to play with an airsoft gun in your backyard, as you never know who maybe watching. Someone uninformed could assume you are shooting a real rifle. With that information in mind, I will let you make your own decision.

On the subject of bio BBs, as long as you purchase a quality grade BB with no seems or dents on the BB you should be fine. It is recommened to use high quality seemless BBs as much as possible, as the lower end variety willhave dents and marks that can damage your barrel and in some cases even become lodged in your barrel. Some stores like Canadian tire and Walmart stock some lower end quality biodegradable BBs, however I can not comment on the quality. All I know is that in some instances bio BBs have been known to fragment and break apart on impact. With that information in mind I will let you make your own decision.

I hope this information helps.

Finally, your location states Canada, however your IP says youre in France.
Where are you really from?

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