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Hello Airsoft Canada, some questions.

Hello. I have been a member of for a while, which is modified nerf guns that we have wars with. Anyway, I was looking for a little more, so I bought a crappy spring powered MP9 while in France. I live in Toronto, and I have been unable to find any airsoft guns except for walmart, which I am morally against, plus, their products suck. The only website that I found that ships to canada requires a membership to even see their prices, and they won't validate me for some reason. Im looking for an electric powered rifle, preferably under 30$. Since I am new to airsoft, are there any regulations about shooting in your backyard? I have a huge one. I searched and found nothing. Im also a bit of an environmentalist, and I would like to purchase biodegradable BBs, which I hear exist, as to not litter my yard. Are these more costly than regular ones? Can you buy them at any airsoft-selling store? If anyone could answer my questions, that would be great.
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