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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
Different V3 guns have different nozzles and and I thought cylinder heads too?
I said that. The Sig and AUG use the same cylinder head and the 552 has its own specific nozzle.

Originally Posted by LUTNIT
I VERY much dislike full tune up kits, I find there is always something in there that will cause a problem as no company makes the best of every part. Other than the nozzle everything else is standard ver.3 so ordering parts to upgrade it is dead easy. Ver.3 guns have a standard tappet for all models of gun (I like Guarder), standard cylinder (Modify), same cylinder head as I believe an AUG (Modify), 6mm bushings (King Arms) or bearings, snag some SystemA all helical highspeed gears, Prometheus piston, ventilated piston head (Modify), SystemA magnum motor (higher torque AND speed than the turbo, SystemA admitted this in a PDF press release about the revolution mechbox.)
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