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Originally Posted by LUTNIT View Post
Ordering from Asia isn't that bad, I order all my mags including mags with dummy rounds from overseas. Fake plastic dummy rounds are not illegal as far as I know, only "deactivated ammunition" is but of course there is still a risk, higher than a normal parts order. Twice now I have had the box covered with the yellow customs tape and the P90/AUG mags with dummy rounds are out of the packages and strewn around the box but never missing. I dislike the look of the short mags and I used the MAG midcaps when I had mine. A 5 pack of King Arms metal armalite mags would probably be less than $90 shipped, probably closer to $70.

TM and several other companies make top rails for the 552, have for MANY years. Very easy to install, no modification necessary.

SystemA makes medium type motors in both Turbo and Magnum and then of course there are stock TM motors. Both are commonly available overseas and don't cost any more than a standard short or long motor.

I VERY much dislike full tune up kits, I find there is always something in there that will cause a problem as no company makes the best of every part. Other than the nozzle everything else is standard ver.3 so ordering
parts to upgrade it is dead easy. Ver.3 guns have a standard tappet for all models of gun (I like Guarder), standard cylinder (Modify), same cylinder head as I believe an AUG (Modify), 6mm bushings (King Arms) or bearings, snag some SystemA all helical highspeed gears, Prometheus piston, ventilated piston head (Modify), SystemA magnum motor (higher torque AND speed than the turbo, SystemA admitted this in a PDF press release about the revolution mechbox.)
Oh no. I know that the mags usually make their way across. Just the problem that the real-cap and real-style mags for the SiG 552/P90/AUG sometimes suffer the consequence of price for obvious reasons. Customs probably won't give a crab since it's just shiney plastic fake rounds inside, I believe. I use the MAG SiG Series 100rd magazines right now just because they are cost effective for now (I don't want to pay $250 for 5 real-cap mags ). My basis of metal magazines is just based off what I've seen/heard. We shipped 5 KA full-metal AK47 magazines here, and I think it was about 70-90 dollars at the doorstep.

The only few top-rails I've seen usually require you to tap the reciever to set them in, unless there are others. Given, tapping a plastic reciever isn't hard, some people may screw it up and have a slightly off-set top rail, if even by 4 degrees. 4 degrees 200 feet out can be a problem, heh.

SystemA makes the motors, yes, I'll give you that. Just depending on who you generally deal with, they may not even have them in stock, and overseas orders just simply take longer which sometimes brings a frown to some people's faces. Think it took 3 weeks for me to get my M-M-HS motor. Price-wise, yea, their counterpart short and long motors are the same.

As far as tune-up kits, I can agree. A lot of parts aren't the best for the job and there are better thing, but if you're a starter person or just play casually they usually do the job. But for a high-torque or high-speed tune up for a SiG, you're basically frankensteining your own, which can be a very good thing since you get referals from people regarding which parts are the best for the situation at hand

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