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Star SCAR has spring quick change - Airsoft Canada

A good read on STAR vs. VFC. Good points on both so you need to pick what goes well with you and you can find to buy.

Other random thoughts. VFC case boyz, see the little cutouts in the lid? Good put the blocks of hard foam that comes with in the cutouts to line up with the AEG. Yep there's float, that means you can case it short or long barrel, vert grip on, optic still on, or stock pushed in or slithered all the way out. Still with room for a bunch of mags, an EGLM,and some bits and pieces.

The only UK site I hang out on is Arnies, but I haven't seen any winging there, maybe I'm not looking hard enough.

The VFC battery wiring is awful. I've got a picture in one of the SCAR threads on how to clean it up.
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