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wow its actually in stock! probable cause the price lol! I decided to cheap out for now went to candian tire and bought a roof mount lol they look exactly the same there just chrome and it works like a charm! Now Ill just grab my krylon and spray it for now. this should work like a charm! I'll probable still buy one if the right one ever comes in stock for a decent price. thanx for your help dao.
Originally Posted by Styrak
Manni, your gun IS an MP5K. Or at least a version of it
Course im figuring out that the gun is mostly an mp5k. my inner barrel length is a different length than the mp5k and some parts for mp5k's dont seem to fit, guess this is what happens when you go too cheap lol! so i just gotta figure out what fits best. DISCLAIMER: I might be wrong or i might be recieving incorrect parts. who knows...
You realy think so? I totaly agree! with what I'm not sure yet but I'll bet that I'll find out.
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