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Hey, so I was looking for something to do, and for shits and giggles I decided to check out everyone's favorite online retailer ... Yeah right

Anyway, I clikced to their site, and saw at the bottom a paragraph or so about them being bought by Canadian Airgun Supply. I don't know anything about Canadian airgun Supply, but could it possibly mean that they will have better customer service? Here is what it said Not sure if anyone cares, just thought it was interesting news.. It said it was put there on Feb. 27, but I don't usually check their site out..

Today, BuyAirsoft.Ca has officially been bought out by Canadian Airgun Supply. This website will continue to run and operate as usual over the course of the next 2-3 months. Thereafter, new management will take over and changes will be made. Most of our staff will stay on board and continue working for Buyairsoft, only under new management brought in by Canadian Airgun Supply. Now being backed by a much larger and stronger company, we are excited about the new features we will be able to offer our customers. We have been asked to gather from our customers any and all suggestions that can help us provide you with better service, product, and just an all round more enjoyable shopping experience. Please send your feedback to This is very important to helping us serve the airsoft community of Canada to the best of our abilities. Without your feedback, there would likely not be the changes you desire to see.
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