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Curious, but has anyone else here actually used a Crosman R76?

I have. It fires 280 out the box, just like a TM. Leave everything alone, run the stock battery, and its quite skirmishible. I ran it stock for at least 2 TWAT games and a Wasaga game last season. I'd rate it at about the same as an early Kraken. I'd call it a great starter AEG or loaner.
This gives me some confidence.
Thanks everyone for the help!
I have no real issues with the gun at the moment, but would like to keep it as a back up for when I get a newer gun. That's why I was wondering about the internals.
I think the main reason people talk down on it is because it's crosman. It's nothing amazing for a beginner gun, but it's deffinitely not total trash.

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