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Question Pulse R76 (TM compatible?)

I'm new, and have looked around the forum for this, but have yet to find anything conclusive. I have a crosman (yes, crap name, I know) pulse r76 (not the clearsoft version). It's alright, considering I play in my own field with my friends. I'm curious, I've heard the r76 is tokyo marui compatible, and am wondering, could I replace the internals with a type 3 gearbox? I went to and check out the video on the TM ak, the guns' exterior seemed identical, but I have yet to crack mine open to see the internals. Has anyone done any work to the r76? Which TM gun is it a clone of?

Also, before you say "throw your gun away" etc, I'd like to state a couple of things. The field I play on isn't a regulated field, it's my friends property. Before you say "the cops will take your guns etc" we have played paintball on this field for 4 years, and have started airsoft in the last 2. It's in the middle of nowhere, and there's no chance of us having any trouble with the law.
Secondly, I know this gun wouldn't normally get talked on this forum (though through searching, I noticed it has been mentioned). I'd just like some advice if it is available. I'm going to buy a higher end gun as soon as I turn legal in the fall. Then I plan on playing in a real field, etc. I just want to keep this one going for the whole spring / summer first.
thank you for any advice! It is greatly appreciated
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