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Originally Posted by FlyingCats View Post
Fuck this. I and We all want rights to have airsoft guns in our country. Most of us play it, so why not? There weight for the gun shows everything and the magazine. Also the feeder for the magazine. So why the fuck not.
WTF are you smoking, boy? Get a grip.

Did you even bother reading what this thread is about? No one is stopping you from playing, there are no "you can't own airsoft" laws (unless you were planning on running around in a public park with them). If you'd been around for more than two weeks you'd remember a time when airsoft was MUCH harder to obtain than it is now: we're made a lot of progress.

Secondly, if you bother reading up on what happened to Will and other background relating to this thread, you'll find two important things: (1) the accusation wasn't directly about importing airsoft but about violating the terms of his BFL, and (2) that he wasn't found guilty by the court but actually PLEAD guilty.

The second part is especially important because we don't know how the court would have ended up ruling if it went to trial. But it didn't. CBSA said "You did something wrong" and he AGREED (for whatever reason, which may have been very valid), and got sentenced for it.
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