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generic mp5 question

I have a galaxy mp5 ras. I was shopping on uncompany and thought "Jeez it would be nice to have a front sling mount" so I saw this while i was shopping
. I bought it as it looked like the right item for my gun and heck it was just an extra 10$. Now I have it and its about 1/2 an inch too short to be where it is supposed to be... Now Ive looked at all the sites that i know of and cannot find a mp5K front sling clip anyone know where I can get one? or know what i can use to make one?

I guess i learned my lesson just because my gun is not a K does not mean that it must be like other mp5's lol in fact it compares to the K in every way except for the sliding stock and the ras. :banghead:

Also I noticed that they should put measurements up for this sorta thing as all these clips look alike!!!

thanks for any help you can give!!
You realy think so? I totaly agree! with what I'm not sure yet but I'll bet that I'll find out.
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