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Honestly, the whole "marker idea" of the balls sounds like it's rock solid but for starters:

I'de never put it in an AIRSOFT GUN. I'de much rather keep some cheapo clearsoft 10 dollar pistol in my ass pocket and shoot at something with this paint ammo faggerydaggerydoo.

But also, how is a 6mm splat going to be helpful marking anything other then a door or a wall or some shit your 20 feet from when your marking something to show people at a distance. You may as well just throw a wet paintbrush with this liquidy marking stuff on it. (i'm going to ignore the whole carrying said wet thing around part) or carrying a flare gun if it's that important. (that wouldn't work cause of the whole Search and Rescue thing).

Maybe if you could shot like 40 of these in one go from a shotgun or a grenade like thing it'de be useful for marking but there is no cheap equivalent of ether.

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