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You asked for an opinion. I've been in this game since you were FOUR YEARS OLD. If you want to discard the advice that's being given, go for it.

If your TV was a fucking GUN I wouldn't display my TV either, but it's not a TV, we're not talking about televisions, and we're talking about GUNS. Realistic, one to one replicas of automatic handguns and rifles.

Possession of replicas is not illegal. There are no laws governing their storage.

Displaying them makes them an obvious target. People talk, and this may lead to your house being targeted by criminals looking to steal your replica firearms. You trust your family, and you trust your friends. But do you trust your friend's friends or your family's friends?

A news article airing on television describing the theft of "dozens of replica firearms" will not air in our favor.

So ultimately, do whatever you want but dont come bitching and whining here if and when your prized toy gets stolen.

Lastly, you're a MINOR, and you shouldn't have the fucking thing in the first place. So really, its likely not YOUR house, not YOUR belongings that would be affected by a B&E, and you should check with your PARENTS to see how they feel about it.

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Why have a big tv or a fancy car? there going to increase you chance of break-ins too.

I'm not worried about that however, I'm worried about the police having an issue with it being "improperly stored" and I want to display it because A) I think it looks nice and B) And depending on the gun (a M1911 in this case) is a work of art as you can see with RacingManiacs, so thus I'm going to display it.
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what if it model after his?

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