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Originally Posted by usmcmar View Post
I'm looking for advice, I want to buy Navy SEALs vest, uniform and other stuff.
can anyone tel me what use for urban and for forest, where to buy it etc. ?
as others said browse the SEALs thread

in terms of forest gear that is difficult to say as it appears most everything is taking place in the desert these days

in terms of a rifle the CQBR seems to be a staple of NSW though i cant say it is THE definitive rifle though you do see them alot though

here is the specifications
and a few photos of the rifle

they do use other weapons as seen here

i believe these guys are attached to an army unit hence the acu

theres a little help but as was said browse that thread for more info and there are quite a few people with SEAL loadouts and they most certainly know the gear better than I but i try

hope that helped a little

Originally Posted by notom66866 View Post
Navy Seals wear whatever the situation warrants they have no stactic combat dress.
that is kind of a cop out for describing special operations while they will use what works there are standard things you will find on a SEAL or other operator and there are things that you wont find on one
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