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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
So what happens if you legally owned a gun, had it dissassembled on the table to clean it, and someone called the cops because they saw it for some reason? Could the cops come in with a warrent and sieze it?
If I was the homeowner in this instance, I'd be dropping a hefty suit on the local police department, the jerk who came in on the repair call, and the company he works for.

Guns aren't illegal to own, full stop. Restricted, yes. Illegal, no.

If I have one of my legally owned firearms in clear view in my house, while I am in the residence, it's perfectly legal. It's neither in storage, nor in transport, and is effectively under my control. If some asshole can come in and call the cops, who respond by breaking down the door without so much as a follow-up to the initial complaint, what law has been broken to justify the breach of this individual's charter right to security of the person and freedom from unreasonable search and seizure? The answer is none.

Furthermore, the police have zero grounds to confiscate the item as it is neither restricted nor prohibited, was not used in the commission of an offense, and was misidentified by a third party.

Imagine some kid walks by your window and says "Hey, that 60" TV looks just like the one my buddy had stolen!". He calls the cops, the cops come in, you show receipts clearly identifying the item as belonging to you, but the police take the TV and walk away with it. Of course this wouldn't happen, because a TV isn't a fucking gun. Why is it acceptable to seize ANY property where it is in fact legally owned and no law has been broken?

And, predictably, the media won't touch this. It was a firearms call, and that outweighs everything. It's perfectly acceptable to violate someone's rights if there's a gun involved, legally owned, replica, imitation, or otherwise.
Originally Posted by Deaf_shooter View Post
what if it model after his?
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