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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
The law is stopping "some asshole cop" from taking away your AS stuff.

1. possession of replicas is 100% legal

2.unless they get a complaint.. or have probable cause to search they can not enter your home without an invitation.

3. stored properly out of sight will virtually eliminate any issues.

In the story cited.. police received a "gun call"

the technician saw what appeared to be a loaded handgun sitting on a shelf in the guy's apartment. He was justified to make the call to police and the police response was justified.

the owner was not charged as no offense had been commited.

This is why you must responsibly store and handle your AS guns.. all the time. Anyone seeing you through your window "fiddling" with your M4 or polishing your glock slide could misidentify these articles as guns and call police. then you very well could end up searched and it all seized.
thank you for the clarification! i really appreciate it! the first point is what i was confused about, i didn't know it was 100% legal. and just as a point of clarification so no one takes what i said the wrong way, i am in no way saying all cops are assholes (rather i have a lot of respect for them), i was merely saying that as im sure there are (as in any profession), people who mis-represent their profession. they of course, only make up a small minority of the whole

EDIT: for the second bolded point, if replicas are 100% legal to own, then why would they get seized if my house is searched?
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