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OK.. yes That I can agree with.. you're right

I look at it as "adapting to" the realities of the situation.. but that is really just trying to justify behavior that is being forced by public pressure... so yeah there is some rolling over going on... Thanks for pointing it out..

So rather than exercise my legal rights.. I bow to the pressure..

and you are right.. No one should have to behave that way .. particularly if they have complied with all of the rules in place.

I applaud your stance. I just don't think it one I would personaly adopt.

I prefer to be localy discreet, if publically vocal..

I don't agree with the way the media has twisted the image of legal gun ownership.... But I recognize that it IS twisted..

My first wife.. forced me to get rid of all my firearms.. and I had some pieces.. that would be grandfathered prohibited today...its a F'n shame.

My Current wife is Keen on getting her R-PAL and buying "lots of guns" so things are looking up.

All I can say is.. I still don"t think Ill be swabbing barrels on my front porch.. even if I could.

Originally Posted by Blackthorne View Post
I disagree.

You are not being prudent. You are giving in to the rampant retardation that is overcoming our society.

We are learning to live in fear as gun owners, and to give up our rights because of public fear mongering.

Let them come. I've done nothing wrong, and while I feel for the police who are basically caught in the middle, I won't give up my freedom or see it eroded because I have to worry or cow tow to those who are ignorant of firearms.

Do what you need to. I understand that.

But don't try to convince me you aren't giving in and rolling over. That, my friend, is BS.

*EDIT - Don't think I get off easy cause I live up here. We have one of the highest violent crime rates outside of Toronto.
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