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This story is quite similar to mine.

The point is there are not many people who has knowledge about firearm or whatever.

I remember like a year ago while I was at my old apartment. We got bored and took some picture of me dress like SWAT team and put on facebook. I'm just put without notify but I put a big note that it's airsoft or airgun to people to knowledge what it is.

Two day, I got a call from a detective who is review on my case while I was was school, demand to meet me at the cafeteria. They told me that They would have knock in my house if I didn't receive another call.

So after 1 hours of explanation and etc.... , they apologized for my time and my case will be close.

I got back home, my friend told me that there are like 3 or 4 police car and also a load of SWAT team in front of the apartment waiting for something while I was at school. I just like WTF !!! also two hot detective get in my room and searching all my gun and asking my info, my buddy's info.

After a few day, I found out call who report to 911. My school director report to 911 because she got a call from student's parents told her that there is a student in her school took picture with a gun also I found out how the heck student's parents found out those picture as well because on of my friend on facebook check out my new picture and forgot to close the browser and their parents using the computer after that.

I didn't get any charge . They just told me to remove the picture on facebook and demand to took my toys from me but I demand to ask them pay me if they want to take it to destroy or whatever they want but after told me how much they all cost ? they just pull back. I told them that I bought those toys are in legal position so they have no right to take it away from me unless they pay me.

I never have any problem hanging all my gun on my wall while the internet technician came in to connect internet plus he ask my permission to handle it and he is so happy and want to get one as well.

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