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No one said he had any business doing it... but he did.. and the cops responded. That is a fact.

Sure it was harmless.. sure most people would go. Meh.. toy gun who cares..

but this "technician" obviously was clueless.. and called the cops.. Likely saying.. "the guy had guns laying all around his apartment"

A responsible legal gun owner would not leave a loaded hangun sitting on a bookshelf.. for any random person to see..

What you do on your deck in "the Wik" is your business.. but I know for a fact .. in my neighborhood.. If I cleaned what looked like a gun on my front porch I'd have a visit from ETF in short order.. But then there is a shooting within 1 km of my home EVERY WEEK and gun calls within 2 KM of my home EVERY DAY.. I had the ETF assault my old apartment buliding 2 times in one week due to gun calls.. because some one saw someone acting suspicious and holding what "may have been a gun" ( ive since moved.. but still live within 3 KM of that place)

It may very well be my right to clean my gun anywhere I want to on my property.. but there is a difference between rights to behavior and prudent behavior.. Personaly I'd rather not have to explain myself to heavily armed police while my neighbors look on.

You and I live about what 45 minutes apart in distance.. but worlds away in public perception of firearms.

And worlds away in police response to firearms.. your local Cops likely know who you are.. and what you do.

My local cops presume the worst.. and react like their lives are at risk ( because they are )

there is a big gap what should happen and what does.. it ain't BS its fact

Originally Posted by Blackthorne View Post
Bull. Sorry man but that's a load of crap.

That guy had no business calling anyone because he saw what he "thought" was a firearm.

Even if it was a real firearm, it's none of his business. There is nothing stopping a legal owner from having a loaded firearm in residence.

Again, I gotta call bullshit man.

I clean all my firearms on my FRONT DECK in the summer time. Sometime after having guests to the range there are 3 or 4 of us out there cleaning away.

I'm on my property, abiding by the law. My neighbors are aware of what I do, because I let them know in person with a chat.

But to say I can't clean my guns on my front deck because someone might drive or jog by and see "and evil firearm" and call the COPS?

Let them call. I look forward to having a conversation with the local COPS about what I can do on my own property.
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