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Since you can't get a gun right now I guess the only thing you can do is get your gear.

Check out the non AV classified section for gear/clothing.

You can show up to games in jeans and t-shirt (white is best cause everyone will know you're a newbie and won't shoot you as much).

I've heard of some people showing up in dark jeans and navy blue or black shirts doing pretty good for a first time out.

List of your first few things to get.

- BDU's
- LBV (Load bearing vest)
- Mask or ballistic goggles (ask your local group first some play at paintball fields and therefore for insurance reasons require paintball approved mask).
- Good set of boots, doesn't have to be anything special, pick some up at Marks Work Warehouse or an outdoors shop or if you want the Army Surplus store.
- Gloves, anything to protect your hands really. I have a pair of Watson Gloves at home I believe they were made for biking or as work gloves though but what the hell it works so I'm cool with that, you don't need uber leet tacticool 5.11 gloves or anything.

When August rolls around you might want to secure a rental first and head out to the field just to check out everyone else's guns, this allows you to check out different guns and see what you like, ergonomics, weight, brands, etc. (unless you are for sure hooked on a specific model/make of gun).

I personally have spent a good $650 on my gun (M4 and mags) and about $350 on gear and safety stuff (glasses/mask, RAV vest, mags, BDU's etc.).

One last thing DON'T CHEAP OUT ON SAFETY. It's fine to get a $30 paintball mask from CT if it's approved and all but don't think you can get away with $5 Dentist glasses. Dunno who it was who said this but apparently someone came to the field with Dentist glasses and the guys proceeded to "test" them by shooting at them to make sure they were up to snuff protection wise. Don't know what happened though they probably got some rental masks or something.

I personally have 5 mags (30 round real-caps) and thats enough for me. I shoot at what I can hit and take things slowly unless I need to do a peel back or suppressing fire to let my teammates move up then I'll dump the mag and do a quick reload. Really depends on your playstyle though I think, do you like being the "SAW gunner" to give suppressing fire? Well maybe get 10 or so 68 round mid-caps with an assault pack is for you. Do you like being sneaky and take things slow like Snake or Sam Fisher? Well 3-5 real-caps with a dropleg mag panel might be your cup of tea. Also make sure you read rules and regs of your local team. Some may not allow high-caps and have ammo limits. A lot of Milsim games will restrict you to low or mid-caps. Eg. You can carry unlimited low-caps as required for your "mission" or you can carry max of 3, 68 round mid-caps to balance out the disadvantage guys with lows get.
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