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Now that the crap fest has settled down;
I actually had the chance to handle this particular BA this weekend, and was really impressed with the highly detailed aluminum machined body, barrel, rails, flash hider, etc....(though I question the grade of the aluminum).
However, the mags have a plastic chrome outer housing, and the check rest seems a little weak when adjusted above the low setting. As well, I was not fond of the moulded hand grip handle, nor the over sized bolt handle.

It was getting cool around 19:00 when we attempted to load up the mags with CO2 and so the mag didn't get a good charge (and Ed was having some issues with the MADBULL CO2 tool). Anways, we cronied the beast with 0.30s and found that they were some what consistant around 413 fps. Would have run some 0.20s through it, but no such luck finding any laying around....sorry.

Over all, a very well built BA with adjustable EVERYTHING (though, couldn't figure out if the gas valve is adjustable for variable fps).
A bull pup design with the spare mag in a mount in front of the trigger, and the barrel hangs down from the bi pod. Futurisic, and probably a very collectable BA, but I wouldn't field one for any big games, as the thing is awkward, bulky, and heavy.

No doubt he will be bringing it out to field it a couple of times later in the spring, so we will continue to give you guys some better details.

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