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I personally own the CA G36. I'm extremely happy with it, and as mentioned it's not full Metal but Fiberglass and Metal pieces.

My Experiences with my gun only:

I've done some additions to mine, and nice thing is that most pieces whether it comes from a G36C, G36K will fit with no or minor modifications. Only gripe I have is the G36 does not come with any rails (nor does it's real counterpart) and the only addition is a Night Scope that'll run you into the 000's and I don't even know if there is a mock version.

It Chronies about 280fps, stock so internal upgrades will likely be needed.

Last point is battery on my CA G36. I had to go w/ a 8.4v 4500mAh battery to keep it going all day. Either that or you need a none custom made battery. all custom made batteries either 8.4 or 9.6 would not fire this gun over more then 5 times. Of course getting the larger battery pack required a change to the ButtStock to accomoade the sub C batteries.

My two cents.
Armed with: Classic Army G36, TM 5.1 Hi-Capa
-- Eo 557 RDS -- Eo 4x Magnifyer -- G&P G36 V-Stock -- 8.4v 4500mAh -- G36 Top Mount Rail --

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