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As far as playabilty I would say CA although TM is nice once you Have played for awhile you realize that TM although really good is missing a few things like out of the boxpower its not there fault the guns can handle it. Just dosnt have the power of CA. The TM will last longer without breaking MAYBE! Its a chance you take with all airsoft guns.

If these 2 a both bnib or lnib then the real choice is what are you looking for a reliable name TM or the power? If one is newer than the other I say no questions unless you want to open them up and fix em go with the one with less rounds through it.

Course my options are mute if your planning on making upgrades soon.

Also the CA is worth it with having the converter so you can borrow mags on the field if needed. EX mid fight you run out of ammo LOL.
You realy think so? I totaly agree! with what I'm not sure yet but I'll bet that I'll find out.
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