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Originally Posted by Jayne Finch View Post
it doesnt matter if its true or not. if stalker says it, it IS fact
Hehe, done deal.

Originally Posted by johjoh View Post
yeah we had a big pm convo a while back about me when i get 18 hehe

yeah i have cheapo green BBs from walmart for the cheap S&W shotty 30 bucks walmart, i got whole 10k bbs still those would be good... lol

But were do you get your red Bbs? (transparent reds would be awsome lol) to indacate ><DANGER LOW AMMO LOL><
Ones I buy are Brass Eagle or some other name like that from 'Walfart' (as my girlfriend FastNFurious calls it), 0.12g BBs, red, decent enough for me to buy one container per year and use lots of them. Not only do they overhop in my AEGs, the pitch of the gun firing changes to a higher pitched sound when those go through, goes from a "TACK TACK TACK" to a "tick tick tick" sound.
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