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Originally Posted by Goldman View Post
It will be interesting to see how thigns pan out for Magpul once the fad is over. Anyone (real users) tried using these mags in comparison to the old school Thermo's?
Oh I doubt the "fad" will ever be over for some die-hard Magpul fans, just like how some shooters get a hard-on from any items that come from Mark LaRue.

As for "Thermo-melts", nope, didn't pull the trigger on those. Glad I didn't. However, what I like about the PMags are the improvements that can be had at a low price, $14.95 USD. A standard aluminum USGI mag ussually runs $12, add in a Magpul Anti-Tilt follower and you now at the same price of an Pmag. This is what makes the Pmags such a great bang for your buck.

1.) Constant-curve internal geometry for smooth feeding
2.) Anti-tilt follower for increased reliability
3.) Storage/dust cover - Prevents Feed Lip Creep
4.) Stainless steel spring for corrosion resistance
5.) Textured gripping surface
*MagLevel round indicator windows

Most importantly Magpul has outstanding CS. If you go to ARFCOM, the industry section, they want feedback on failure, on how to improve, and live by the axiom: "innovate or die."

As a note, Magpul has released the new "M" Pmags, which will phase out the molds for the non-window Pmags. The body has a lower profile ridges but slightly increased in surface area, ability to clamp the dust cover on the floor plate, and the internal "wedge" in the front internal section of the mag, that separates the bullet tips, that do not run through the entire vertical length, but end a inch or two from the feed lips. Moreover there is a noticable amount of more play with the M Pmags, to help accomodate an out of spec magwell. I am not 100% sure, but it seems to me the spring tension is less, it definitely isn't stainless steel, looks more like a chrome-silicon spring that is able to take repeated cycling fatigue, though a stainless is less likely to take a set. I personally prefer the previous Pmag Maglevel body non-window, opposed to the new M Pmag, but oh well, Magpul got to meet this HUGE demand. I've also read they are now one of the largest AR15 magazine manufacturer.

They can be pretty difficult to find, at the right price, some people are taking advantage of the political situation and marking up the magazines to absurd amounts. But that in a nutshell is the Pmag.

Here are some videos testing it well beyond it's normal operating regime/intent:
YouTube - Magpul PMag versus a Chevy Truck
YouTube - P-Mag Test
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