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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
MOSFET trigger to gun a GBB? LOL, priceless!!!! No, you set up the trip wire in a semi triangle fashion, so the tripwire is 90deg from the trail, goes around a tree, around another and pulls directly backwards on the trigger. Seriously, 48 rounds in 2.5 seconds, and if the tripwire is applied heavily, the gun will cant to the side, spraying 330fps BBs from one side to the other. Might only get an arc of 15-20 degrees, but still perfect.
Sorry I thought it was an AEG. But given it was an AEG the mosfet trigger would work excellent.

I am currently about half done the prototype of my M203 trap I will post pictures when it is done, so far it is looking pretty close to a sawed off M79 without the grip, heheh.
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