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Originally Posted by Staverous View Post
If you modded the gun to have a MOSFET trigger then you could set up a pretty easy trap to be able to do a burst or fire till empty, but yah this would work pretty good.

I think I saw that one before and yah that is a great trap, with a bit of refinement it could be pretty easy and cheap to build.
MOSFET trigger to gun a GBB? LOL, priceless!!!! No, you set up the trip wire in a semi triangle fashion, so the tripwire is 90deg from the trail, goes around a tree, around another and pulls directly backwards on the trigger. Seriously, 48 rounds in 2.5 seconds, and if the tripwire is applied heavily, the gun will cant to the side, spraying 330fps BBs from one side to the other. Might only get an arc of 15-20 degrees, but still perfect.

Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
Put a couple beer cans on the ground in the middle of the road/path.
Wait on the side with a LMG.

Also works on CDN_Stalker
Depends on the brand buddy.
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