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I think Ebaybanned is a fine retailer store. They just a bit slow and when it comes to respond some emails, they are really short and not in very detail. (can be headache sometime) :banghead:

I found some reviews regarding Ebaybanned:
Link 1
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Recent reviewed: Link 3
Ebaybanned. Not a bad company per se. They have a resonable selection, good prices and with free shipping, you usually can't go wrong.
You have to understand, however, you're usually dealing with Chinese knockoffs. Not bad quality and fairly good replicas. See my review on thier multicam set.
The only real problem that comes into play is if there's a problem with an order.
First and foremost, they don't provide an order number nor a tracking number for orders. Tracking numbers are by request only. Meaning, unless you ASK for one, it isn't provided. The lack of an order number or any kind of order tracking system is also a large problem.
If you recieve a partial order, or not at all, then you have to contact them of course. The first question you'll be asked (step 1) is what's the non-existant order number. Once you reply that they didn't provide one, they'll start looking deeper.
Step 2 is they'll ask for your name and address, which once provided they can usually find your order. At this point, they'll provide you with a tracking number, and as far as they're concerned the issue is closed.
If you still haven't recieved your entire order, you have to take steps 1 and 2 all over again. Once you've refreshed thier memory, they'll then insist you recieved the order and you're in error. The only way I've found to correct thier mistakes is to immediately file a dispute with Paypal and threaten a refund. It's funny how quickly they correct problems when it looks like they might have money taken away from them.
As a review, Ebaybanned has serious pros, and very serious cons. The pros are simple. Reasonable quality items at nice, low prices. Free shipping. No duties (at least in Canada). A nice selection.
The cons are a little more difficult to work with. No order number (this is a pretty big issue). Lack of communication (replies are VERY long to recieve to inquiries, and are usually one word). Lack of tracking numbers until requested.

All in all, it's an okay company to deal with. The shipping and pricing sort of balances out the other problems. That's why they wound up with an overall of 3. Just be careful when making purchases. Immediately requst an order number and tracking number. Otherwise, the issues can be frustrating. Reviewed by CDNAirborne - 02-21-2009
bb040 on 02-21-2009, 10:42 PM

i want to add to this ..your dealing with a company in mainland CHINA... the only real problem i ran into was that my bank would not let me do any transaction with my debt card...they said they were having alot of problems with fraud in china...i took a chance and was not dissapointed

Have any one ever experienced to recieve the order (west part of Canada only) for MORE THAN TWO and HALF weeks?

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